THE SECRET HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY which follows the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the 2000 year old mystery as to how the Church of Rome suppressed the marriage of Jesus and the corruption of the church as portrayed in codes in the medieval paintings of Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci. The book investigates the claims of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. An interesting case is made to name the biological father of Jesus as recorded but hidden in the scriptures. The educational years of Jesus are investigated and his education as a faith healer under the teachings of the Essenes who were part of the Egyptian establishment. The symbolic legacies from the Pharaohs are today still to be seen in our churches. A chapter is devoted to an alleged visit of Jesus to England with Joseph of Aramathea. The marital status of Jesus to Mary Magdalene is covered in depth with the history of their descendents who fled the Holy Land after the crucifixion and lived out their lives in France. THE SECRET HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY then follows the trail for the descendants of Jesus and moves to the crusaders and the origins of the Knight Templars and how their political arm; the Priory of Sion manipulated the Crusaders and are still with us today. The narrative covers the French suppression of the Templars and the Cathar people in the south of France which then follows through into investigations into the Holy Grail. The links to the Templars in Scottish history and the hidden secrets of Rosslyn Chapel are outlined. There is quite a detailed description of the Templar discovery of America that happened one hundred years before Columbus. A chapter on the intrigue of the Rennes-le-Chateau mystery outlines how the descendant’s of Mary Magdalene were integrated into the French nobility. Lateral thinking in a chapter on Alchemy puts forward a case that Sauniere, the priest at Rennes le Chateau got his wealth from alchemy but the author uses the devils advocate to suggest that an alternative theory is that he was just blackmailing the Church of Rome. The author investigates the hidden codes in the medieval paintings of Botticelli, Carlo Crivelli and Leonardo de Vinci. A chapter is dedicated into the investigation of influence of the Catholic society Opus Dei and its possible aims and participation in world politics. The controversial book finishes with theories as to what may have happened to the Templar treasure and ends with the Author's conclusions in 'The End Times'.

The original UN-ILLUSTRATED Secret History of Christianity(ISBN 978-1-845-529-763-3)is in Paperback. A signed Authors Copy including P&P UKis availble PRICED @ £10

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