The photos in the Gallery portray events and characters in the novel. Photo 1 shows Hardwick Hall, the 16th century Derbyshire home of Bess of Hardwick and her son Henry Cavendish. Photo 2 is of a painting of Samuel Pepys, the
    famous diarist and life long friend to the House of Cavendish. Photo 3 is of a painting of King Charles II  who is also portrayed in photo 4 with his mistress Nell Gwynne who almost became the bride at a royal wedding. Photo 5 is of old St Paul's Cathedral that was rebuilt after the Fire of London. The sea battle portrayed in the painting in photo 6 is the ‘Sinking of the Royal Charles’ a battle ship lost during a naval battle with the Dutch in which the Cavendish family lost a close relative. Photo 7 is of the Llandoger Trow Inn in Bristol. The Inn’s claim to fame is its links to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and is featured in the Cavendish story.Finally photo 8 ‘A Gust of Wind’ gives some impression of the hazardous conditions the sailors faced to open up the trade routes to the New World.