Malcolm Brocklehurst

I am the President of Cleveleys Writers where my main contribution is poetry written under the pseudonym of Majinka. My philosophy to life is that age is no barrier to a working life and so when asked what are my future plans I respond with a blend of humour and say, “Primarily to wake up tomorrow morning, and then continue writing.”

Before entering the University of Life, I attended Blackpool Palatine Secondary Technical College, where I excelled in English and the arts. On graduation I served two years National Service in the REME and on discharge entered the aerospace industry. By 1964 I was married and Mary and I moved to Bristol were we both worked on the development of Concord, then in 1970 I made a career change and moved from development engineering into the world of Technical Publications and for the next thirty years accompanied by Mary I toured Europe as a consultant to the Aerospace Industry with commissions in Bremen, Hamburg, Munich, Madrid and Toulouse. It was whilst on a consultancy project at Toulouse in France that I read the best seller ‘The Holy Blood , Holy Grail’ and became interested in the local historical site of Rennes-le-Chateau, a site that inspired me to write my first book, ‘The Secret History of Christianity’ which was published in 2008.

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Now semi-retired from Technical Publications I mix the occasional technical writing commission with creative writing; a mixture that some of my engineering colleagues jokingly jibe me that in my technical writing it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction; now that is my style of humour. I do take my work seriously but I do maintain laugh at yourself, life is too short to be taken seriously and when I finally slip off this mortal coil, I hope my final gesture to life will cause some amusement as my coffin will be in the profile of a small aeroplane painted tangerine in support of Blackpool Football Club and the fuselage will be inscribed TANGO ONE




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